Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Clay!


Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random Catch Ups!

     I was looking through the pics on my phone today and realized I am behind and have let a few small fun moments get away from me. The biggest new news with us is that recently Jason got a new job! Words can't even describe how proud I am of him. During the summer he did an internship with a company called American Healthcare Lending. Jason worked SO hard in the summer! He was working 34+ hours a week, going to school full time, AND doing an internship. Each day he just bounced around from thing to thing getting everything done. He has so much determination and drive and works so hard each day to better our future. And at the end of July after only interning for one month the company offered him a full time job as controller in the accounting department! I'm so proud of him for working so hard. I wish I could have the drive that he does. He is such a good example to me and I am truly blessed to be married to such a guy! I don't have any pics of this new news but it's a big deal to us and so I wanted to document it ;) 

   A few weeks a go a couple of us got together to celebrate my friend Michelle's birthday. Even Vanessa! Since she lives in Florida we are enjoying the use of skype ;) It was so fun to sit and talk to her as if she was there with us. We could just sit and chat as if we were all hanging out!

  Next, it may sound lame but it really is the cutest thing to see Max when Jason gets home. This is a terrible picture but it's what I had. As soon as Max hears the key in the door he runs to his toy basket to choose a toy to play with with Jason. And when that door opens he goes running to Jason to say hi and play with. Sometimes, like this picture, Jason needs a minute before he plays with Max so Max jumps up to lay with him and give him a hug until he's ready to play!

Yay for first piggies! And reading fun books ;)
On Friday night Jason and I had a fun little date night. Jason had a lot of important work and school meetings and events coming up and we both decided that his dress clothes wardrobe could use a facelift. And when Jason said we could go shopping for him I jumped to the opportunity! We had plans to watch Audrey on Friday night but she's such a good little girl we thought we should just bring her to the mall with us to shop. She slept through most of it but woke up in time for dinner. Her face lit up the second we entered the food court! ;) It was a fun little date night just the three of us!
Oh Max. We love him, it's obvious. We don't have kids so he is our little guy. He had more personality than we know what to do with. We honestly do not feel like he is a dog. Just watching him is so entertaining for us. We got him this bed a little while ago so he could have his own place and not get onto our furniture. He loves his bed almost as much as he loves his toys! He has so many favorites that sometimes it's hard for him to decide which ones he wants to have sleep with him. We watch him go to his toy basket and select each one to bring over to his bed, then he climbs on in with them to sleep. At this moment, it's hard to see, but 7 lucky toys got to sleep with him!
 Jason's bosses at his new job invited him to be on their flag football team. This is right up Jason's alley so he jumped to the opportunity! It was fun to go and meet the people he works with and their families. Max loved sitting and watching Jason play. He just loves Jason, it's sweet. ;)

Well that's what we have been up to! Busy as ever but feeling blessed to have wonderful opportunities ;)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New York City

     For most of my life my dad and brother have gone on guys hunting trips. Whether these were just camping for a weekend or a whole week in Canada, they were guys only! Not that we really wanted to go with them haha. So we always thought the sound of a girls only trip would be great. We finally were able to go just a week ago. My mom, sister-in-law, Dayna, and I could not wait to leave for our fun weekend. We had so many things planned that we wanted to do. I took way too many pictures so I am just going to have to choose my favorites or this blog post would go on forever. I had so much fun with just my mom and Dayna. We definitely shopped 'til we dropped! By the end of the day our legs were numb and we loved it. Walking 10+ miles a day will do that to you!


We arrived around 5 or 6pm Thursday night. So we took a nice stroll through times square and grabbed some dinner. Nothing too eventful. 


We woke up bright and early and went to the Today show! It was a blast for a few reasons...First of all, we were on TV!! Wahoo! We looked like dorks but we felt special ;) We also got to see Jason Mraz and Christina Perri perform live and they were really good. And we got to meet everyone who is apart of the show. We love AL!!!


After the Today show ended around 9 we quickly grabbed breakfast and were off to shop! After shopping for a bit we headed to Little Italy. My Aunt and Uncle told us how great Lombardi's was so we thought we'd give it a try. It was delicious!! The best meatballs I've ever had by far!

 Gelato in Little Italy is a must ;)
We then headed back to our hotel to get ready for our show that night. It was called "Nice Work if You Can Get It" It's Matthew Broderick's play and he acts as the lead roll. It was really fun to watch him in it and he was pretty funny too. After the play is over the cast comes out to sign your program if you want. We were so excited to meet Matthew Broderick but.....when he came out he didn't show a single ounce of happiness! I was so mad at him. He only had to stand out there for ten minutes tops and he couldn't show a single smile to anyone! What a jerk! He was so rude to us. I don't care if you're tired or had a bad day. That's your job, we all paid to see you so you can be nice to us for just a minute and then be on your way. Lame! (Sorry for my venting haha)

 Such a fake half smile
 How he was really feeling and acted....
We all can't stop laughing at this picture now. My mom could barley make it in the photo cause he was being so rude. Matthew looks like he wants to kill us!! haha


(I took so many pictures this day it was hard to choose from! I don't know why these ones are looking so weird) After walking down 5th Avenue and looking at all the high-end stores we headed to Central Park. This is one of my favorite things to do in New York! We have a guy drive us around on his bike through the park. The park is huge! We didn't even see the whole thing and we went through 6 miles of it! It's so fun to see where so many movies were filmed and all of the cool street dancers. Central Park is my favorite! 
 The Friends Fountain ;)
 The biggest toy store! It was amazing! We spent almost 2 hours inside..whoops.
 Found the Temple ;)
 Of course we had to go to Serendipity for some Frozen Hot Chocolate. Yum!


We started out this day with a tour and ground zero. It was amazing to see what they have done with it. They have made two giant pools in the footprints where the twin towers were and also built a new building to replace the two. It was such a sad feeling being there. You just see name after name of those whose lives where taken because of that day. 
 We then headed to see the bull from Hitch ;)
 Grand Central Station ;)
 Store owned by the Kardashians. Kind of a disappointment. It was really small, over priced, and the clothes weren't even that cute. 
 The Statue of Liberty behind us. 
 Back to Lombardi's for more Pizza!

Thank you Mom and Dad for sending us on such a fun trip. I had a blast!!