Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break!

      Jason's Spring Break was this past week and instead of sitting at home we wanted to get out of town for a little bit. Our good friends Trevor and McKell (soon to be the Robinson's) joined us and we headed to St.George. We left last Wednesday night and stayed until yesterday (Sunday). We had a blast! The weather was so nice and warm and we did a lot of playing and relaxing. Our weekend consisted of couples raquet ball, yoga, basketball, running, shopping, Thai food, ice cream, games, movies and much more!

       Then on Friday we decided to head to Las Vegas for some fun and a change of scenery. We did some shopping right when we got there then we headed to the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor hotel. It was so neat to see and something I have always wanted to do. Then we headed to a little cafe for some dinner. While walking the strip after eating we had to stop at Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolate. They had a walk-up window so we could get our treat to go. ;) We finished the night walking the streets sipping on the amazing frozen hot chocolate. 

       As you know Vegas attracts a wide variety of people. We made a game out of people watching. By the end of the night we wanted to see who could point out the most bizarre individual haha (slightly mean i know). There were way to many to choose from but I did get some pics of our top contenders....

We can't wait to get out of town again! We had a blast. Thanks for joining us McKell and Trevor!