Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brian Regan

   Yup we went to Brian Regan's show last night!! We are HUGE fans of his! I've been to his past three shows when he's come to Utah. Finally Jason was here when he was in town. We were going to by tickets as soon as they went on sale but my mom beat us to it and gave them to us for Christmas. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) We were on the THIRD row! It was awesome! Brian Regan is so funny and we had a great time! The Hanks' side of the family was able to come too! We all can't get enough of his jokes! ;)

We took a few pictures while we were waiting for the show to start...Jason's eyes are barely open in one...ha

Happy Birthday Mom!

    On January 16th it was my mom's birthday. My dad and I wanted to plan something special for her so we decided to do a surprise dinner with our family and a couple friends. The plans didn't go quite as mom arrived early and we were the ones surprised to see her sitting at the table instead haha oh well. She loved it and had a great time and thought it was really funny to see all of our faces as we walked in. My mom is one of the most amazing, caring, and sweet people I know. I look up to her very much. I hope you had a great birthday mom! Love you!

 Grandma and Grandpa with little Audrey girl.

Happy New Years!

    We had a blast this New Years. It was so great to spend time with all of our friends! First we went to dinner at Zupas, always yummy and no wait! Then we headed to Jason's parent's house for some games and treats. The majority of the night was spent playing Just Dance on our friend's kinnect, pretty sweet. It was so fun to watch everyone dance and be goofy. This New Year's party was a great one!

 Jason and Clayton doing a little Just Dance!
 The Gang

   We can't believe 2012 is already here! Jason and I took the opportunity to sit down and think of some great new goals and things we want to accomplish in 2012. I can't wait to begin on our list! I love starting a new year. A fresh slate always feels good ;)

             "If it didn’t Bring you Joy, Just Leave it Behind. Let’s Ring in the New Year With Good Things in Mind. Let Every Bad Memory Go That Brought Heartache and Pain. And let’s Turn a New Leaf With the Smell of New Rain. Let’s Forget Past Mistakes Making Amends for This Year. Sending You These Greetings To Bring you Hope and Cheer!                     Happy New Year!"