Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life Lately

      Life lately has been busy. Jason has been VERY busy with school and work and I start school tomorrow so I too will be working and going to school. It's a busy schedule and it's hard to find time for anything on the week days. Saturdays seem to be our only day that we can sometimes make up our own schedules. So we are REALLY looking forward to some up coming vacations for a little break.
     I've realized that I don't document the small things in our lives. I usually blog or take pictures of vacations or special events. I want to get better about capturing the small things that are fun to look back on too. So here are a some moments from the past couple months. Our lives are busy but it's wonderful :)

Taking these dogs on a walk is something I will always love. Max adores Howie and will follow him anywhere. When we were walking the other day I found my dream house...yup I took a picture. One day....;)
We were all a little worn out after finals week....
This little peanut is a great shopper!

 Last Friday Audrey and I got to hang out together. It was such a beautiful day so we sat outside and played for a little while. I just can't get enough Audrey time!

A Little snack after playing...
 The other night Jason and I decided to go play some racket ball at our gym. It was so fun just the two of us playing. 

Well that's our life lately through my iphone. ;)