Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcome to the World.

    I'm late on this post but oh well. We've had a really busy month. While Jason and I were in England My brother, Corey's, daughter was born. The timing of this was horrible but what can ya do. I'm so sad that I missed the big moment of this little girl coming into the world. I know everyone is probably biased with their own kids or nieces and nephews. Everyone says theirs are the cutest and ours really are. Haha. Jason and I have darling nieces and nephews. We love them all to pieces and Audrey was such a great addition. She is the first grandchild on the Marsh side so we're all pretty smitten with her. But she really is so wonderful. She never makes a peep and is so pleasant to have around. I could just hold her all day and look at her. I love her so much already. I'm so happy to be her aunt and I can't wait to watch her grow up. It's so fun to see Corey and Dayna become parents. They are so great with her and I'm so happy for them. I love my family.

Audrey Mayumi Marsh, born October 10th, 2011 at 1:09 am. 6 lbs. 11oz. and 18 inches.

Welcome to the world little one!


   I love Halloween time. I think it's so much fun. People get clever and dress up as crazy things, there is candy everywhere, and baked goods are always pumpkin flavor. I just love it. I'm obsessed with Fall. When Jason and I wanted to get married there was no doubt about it that it was going to be during the fall season. There's nothing better than driving through the canyon looking at all of the red, orange, and yellow leaves, it's beautiful. It could be fall all year long and I would be happy. Unfortunately, this can't be and we have to shovel snow for the next 6 months of our lives :( Well anyways, think we made our fall great for the little time that we had it around. I'm a fan of haunted houses and corn mazes but Jason and most of my friends are we compromised and did a non-haunted corn maze with the Featherstones and had a blast. I was just glad to be out doing something festive. For the next weekend we had a party with all of our friends to celebrate Halloween. It was so fun to see everyone's costumes and to spend some time together. Then on the sunday before Halloween we were at my parents house for dinner and we carved pumpkins. This has become a fun tradition that I always look forward to. The next day was Halloween and we had school and work all day long so at night we decided to dress up poor Max in his costume and go visit our families.

 For some reason we were really struggling to get a good picture at the corn maze. Yup Jason and I look pretty creepy in this one. 

We went as Hippies this year ;)

 The Girls
 Here are our pumpkins...Yup Corey's takes the cake on the carving. He did his free hand. Drew it on the pumpkin then cut it out. Every year we all have our patterns and try to make ours look cool then he tops it...every year. I'm jealous. Corey's is from V for Vendetta.

 Max was turtle this year. It came with a head piece with cute turtle eyes but he refused to wear it after a while and of course I didn't get a picture with him in it. He didn't seem to mind the turtle shell though. 
Max trick-or-treating. (We have no children so poor Max gets tortured. Give us a break ;)
 Refusing the head piece.
 The is my pumpkin...A Kitty-Bat
 Jason's pumpkin is on the right and my mom's is on the left.

This is baby Audrey. I love her. She is the sweetest baby and I just can't get enough of her. She is like this all the time, never cries or gets upset and occasionally opens her eyes. I could hold her forever.

Happy Halloween!