Sunday, August 28, 2011

Camped Out

   We finally made it camping before the summer ended! Every summer I always want to go camping at least one time but unfortunately that doesn't always happen. Two weeks ago I decided we were going, no matter what. Getting the campsite was not an easy task. You're supposed to reserve a site three days prior to the night you're staying but we missed the boat on that. So to get  spot you have to drive up the morning of to reserve it. We don't exactly have much free time but Jason, being the good guy that he is, knew how much I wanted to go camping. So he woke up really early friday morning ( he has to be to work by 8:30am by the way) and he drove up the canyon. Well he ended up running out of gas so that put him behind and then the spruces camp grounds only takes cash so he had to drive up and down the canyon looking for an ATM. Unfortunately there was only one at the seven eleven at the bottom of the canyon. Jason didn't make it to work until close to 10 when he left our house at 7. Long morning for him! But he was so sweet and such a great sport to make sure that this weekend could happen for all of us. I'm SO lucky to have him! We had so much fun with our friends, eating and staying up late talking and playing games. Most people had to leave early in the morning but Jessie, Pete and us had a wide open Saturday so we made a delicious breakfast and then the four of us hiked donut falls. It was such a great weekend and perfect end to the summer. I loved spending time with good friends and just relaxing.

 Our Tiny Tiny Tiny tent!
 So proud of his fire!
 The girls

 Yup my chair broke, while I was sitting in it. I guess too many smores will do that to ya!

 Moose Tracks
 Inside a cave at donut falls

We had such a fun weekend with everyone! Thank you to everyone who could make it!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Shower!

       We are so excited for little miss Audrey to come in October. She is the first grandchild/niece on the Marsh side and we could not be happier. October 27th can't come soon enough! My mom and I put together a shower for Dayna and Corey this past week. They are going to be such great parents and I can't wait to see them with her. It was so fun to plan, decorate, and shop for this shower.

The Invitations
 My Gift 
 I HAD to buy these shoes!

 Cutest cupcakes made by Kathy, and they tasted as good as they look!!
 Table full of Yummy food
 Dayna as a baby....If Audrey looks anything like this she will be absolutely darling!
 We played a game guessing who's baby picture belonged to who. It was so fun to see all our guests baby pictures.
 Opening Gifts

 Pom pom decorations

We had a blast at the shower, thank you to everyone who came! Now we just need October to be here already!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

...My Birthday...

    Last Wednesday was my birthday. It seemed to last over a few days which was kind of fun. On my actual birthday Jason took me out for sushi ( my addiction right now) and shopping. This was the perfect gift for me! I loved going and being able to pick out what ever I wanted. This was a big deal because Jason HATES shopping haha but we had a great time. Then I got to celebrate it with my friends by going up the canyon and having a bbq. It was such a nice day to go up there. I loved spending time with my wonderful friends, and it was so sweet of them to put that together. Then I got to celebrate it with the marsh side and the hanks side. I'm not a big fan of my birthday but I loved spending time with everyone over the past week. Thanks again everyone for everything!

This was on my computer when I got to work ;)

Beautiful flowers from Jason
Some of my cute friends...Michelle, Teresa, Vanessa

Liz and Clark

Love them

Jessie, Pete, and Maximus

Nice shot of Jason and Rock

Michelle and Rock

Such a great night up the canyon

Such a sweet card from my nieces and nephew ;)

Thanks for a great day!