Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Birthday!

     This year my birthday lasted a whole week! We started celebrating my birthday on Sunday the 22nd with the Hanks family. Korby made a wonderful dinner and even got a special cake made for me. It was very thoughtful and very tasty! Then a couple days later we celebrated with the Marsh side by going up Emigration canyon to Ruth's diner. It was delicious and such a fun atmosphere. Friday was my actual birthday and Jason made our plans. During the day I got to do some fun shopping! When Jason got off of work he took me to pick out some new running shoes that I have been wanting to get for forever! After that we headed to Mikado's for some yummy sushi, then to see the new Batman movie. It was such a fun night and we had a blast just the two of us. The last day of celebrating my birthday was this last Sunday. We celebrated with my mom's side of the family by having a fun bbq. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so fun. I really love you all.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friend's Wedding

    Our good friend Christian got married yesterday. The day started out at the temple in Manti, Utah. Then there was lots of hanging out while waiting for the reception in Lindon. We are so happy for Christian and his new wife, Hannah. We had a great time celebrating their special day.

Max's decorating

      Lately Max has decided to help decorate our shelves.....Apparently he thinks that his Angry Bird should be displayed. Look closely....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A.W.P. Lagoon Day!

    A couple of weeks ago, Advanced Window Products had a work Lagoon day. Yes they had special made shirts for us ;) It was such a fun day. We had our only pavillion for the company and each employee got to bring their family. It was a great turn out! It was too hard to take pictures haha but I did manage to snap a few...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Past Week

     One of the great things about working for school is that we get lots of time off. The school year ended on June 28th. We had this past week off for a small break until the summer session starts. It has been so nice to have a week at home to get things done. I have loved every minute! But of course my week off flew by and it's back to work tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but who doesn't love days off?? ;)
We had a fun but mellow 4th of July. We went to lunch and a movie with my family. Then Jason and I went to dinner then met up with some friends to go to Sugar House to watch the fire works. 

Then on Thursday we had tickets to the Oakley rodeo. This is a tradition for my family to go each year. This Rodeo is awesome! I look forward to it every summer.

Me, Miesh, Lauren, Teresa, Liz, Rock, Jason, Tyler, Clark, and John.

Yesterday we had a BBQ and game night with friends. My Friend Michelle and her husband Rock have made their garage into a pretty sweet little hang out. The way it is decorated is awesome and it's such a fun place to hang out in.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Austin, TX

     This past weekend we were able to take a trip to Austin, TX to visit some family. My dad's brother, Chris, and his wife, Camille, and there son, Wilder, live there.  It was Wilder's second birthday so we thought it would be the perfect weekend to visit so we could be there for his birthday party. My Aunt Melissa (my dad's sister) and cousin Mckenzie were able to drive up from Dallas for the weekend too. We don't get to see my dad's family much. Maybe once a year if we're lucky. They are such wonderful people and it's always a blast spending time with them. It was also Jason's first time in Texas and he loved it! Austin is such a fun town. It's so different from here. I'm jealous of the amount of unique restaurants they have. Each one is so delicious and creative. They are all decorated and different. None of them are alike so eating out is so fun. We can't wait until we can see our family again. We had a blast! (Sorry for the picture overload!)

 Audrey is such a funny little girl. She seems to grow and learn new things every time I see her. She has become much more interactive in the past few weeks and it's so fun! She played with me for a little bit on the plane and we had a blast together. Audrey loves to see herself. Pictures, mirrors, videos, anything. She thinks it's great! It's so funny. So I let her play with my phone so she could see herself on the camera. She thought it was pretty funny and she would hit the button to take a picture. I just love this little face!

 The first night we were there Chris and Camille took us to get some yummy BBQ. Then we went for dessert at Amy's ice cream. It was delicious!
 After dessert we drove by UT stadium. It's huge!! And super nice!
 This position was a frequent thing this trip...When Audrey had a messy diaper Corey held her over his shoulder and would have to quickly get to a place to change her. She was proud and thought it was pretty funny. So did we ;)
 So proud!
 The Birthday Party Details...
 Wilder's Party was Construction themed. He is obsessed with construction. It is so cute. His parents went above and beyond to make his party amazing. Chris has a friend who does construction so he ask him to bring one of his machines to surprise Wilder. It was awesome!

 The birthday boy

 You will often find my dad like this ;)

 After Wilder's party we went to dinner at a place called The Shady Grove. It was awesome! The food was amazing and the atmosphere was even better. It was outside under big trees. They even played old black and white movies on a projector screen. I loved it.

 On Sunday morning we woke up and wanted to meet Chris at his bar, The Mean Eyed Cat. A little background on this bar....My Grandpa Marsh was a HUGE Johnny Cash fan. He loved him. My Grandpa died a long time ago when the all the kids were younger. It makes me so sad that I never got to meet him. He sounds like such an awesome guy and I love hearing all of the stories about him. My uncle Chris likes Johnny Cash just like his dad. He started this bar himself and has done a great job with it. He works very hard on it and it's amazing. It is completely Johnny Cash themed. There are decorations everywhere. You could never get bored from looking at everything. 

 Men's Restroom

 Women's Restroom

 After seeing the Mean Eyed Cat we headed to a popular restaurant called Chuy's. It is delicious!

 Audrey and Wilder loved sitting by each other at the end of the table. Audrey LOVES other little kids. She gets so excited when she sees them, it's the cutest thing. 

 Audrey learned how to drink from a straw this trip. She also learned how to clap. Thanks to the music at the party, she is now clapping all the time and thinks it's great haha. 
 After shopping the boys dropped the girls off to shop and they headed to the UT store for some Texas gear. Audrey went with them....When they came to pick us up her outfit was changed....haha She is now sporting the burnt orange.
 Audrey and Wilder playing in his new tent he got for his birthday. 

 On the plane ride home....Just playing with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Can't wait to go back to Austin again!